Alas de América award

“Alas de América” was born as an initiative to recognize a person, or private or governmental institution that has made or is making a significant contribution to the growth and continuous improvement of the aviation industry in the Latin America and Caribbean region.


Niels Olsen

Minister Olsen was recognized because he has gotten closer to the airline industry to create one table where everyone can bring ideas that turn into reality. He embraced the necessity of having aviation as a key partner on State Agendas, helped increase Ecuador’s connectivity and managed to reduce two taxes that directly decrease the cost of air tickets and therefore improve country’s competitiveness.

Previous winners


Constantino de Oliveira Junior

The winner of this 2022 award has close to 30 years of leading experience in the air transport industry, has introduced new business models in large commercial aviation markets, and currently serves as CEO of an airlines group.


Ángela María Orozco

Alas de América 2021 was presented to Ángela María Orozco, Minister of Transport of Colombia, in recognition of her experience and leadership to achieve, among other important projects, the progressive liberalization of the air transport policy to open skies; the modernization of the Colombian aeronautical regulatory framework, which facilitated compliance with the highest international standards; and the modernization and institutional strengthening of civil aviation authority.


José Ricardo Botelho

Alas de América 2019 was delivered to José Ricardo Botelho, President Director of ANAC Brazil, in Brasilia in recognition of his leadership at the head of the agency’s efforts to build a regulatory environment capable of ensuring greater competitiveness in the Brazilian aviation market. 


Guillermo Dietrich

Alas de América 2018 was delivered to the Minister of Transport of Argentina, Guillermo Dietrich, in Panama City in recognition of the achievements of the “Revolución de los Aviones”, the advances in Argentine aviation in recent years and its positive impact on the region.


Rafael Alonso

Alas de América 2017 was presented to Rafael Alonso, President of Airbus for Latin America and the Caribbean, in Buenos Aires in recognition of his nearly 35 years of service in which he has personified the meaning of this award because of his fidelity, humanity, cooperation and collaboration. Rafael has given “wings” to the region.